Want to learn how to persuade and convince quickly?

Art of Conversation – A master class.

What you will learn

‘The Art of Conversation – A master class’ is an incredible course for you to gain insights into how you can influence, persuade and convince others conversationally and become a master communicator..

Build Rapport

Learn simple and fast techniques to build rapport with the other person using mirroring and pacing techniques.

Captivate Attention

Learn how to use ascending, descending and neutral tones to captivate attention and  embed commands conversationally.

Weaken Arguments

Learn how to gain insight into the other person’s way of thinking and weaken their arguments using Meta Model questions.

Get a 'Yes' Response

Learn how to get a frictional-less ‘Yes’ response using presuppositions, double-binds and many other techniques.

Indirect Suggestions

Learn how to make indirect suggestions to the unconscious mind of the listener using the Milton Model.

Change Beliefs.

Learn how to change limiting beliefs into new positive beliefs using sleight-of-mouth patterns.

About the Art-of-Conversation Course

As these powerful language are taught with adequate examples , it make its incredibly easy for you to remember and use them in real-life conversations.  You can use these language patterns to be a master communicator who can artfully guide the listener towards the desired outcome and conversationally persuade or change other’s opinions, beliefs and even behavior.

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"You can trust the unconscious."

Dr. Milton Erickson

Taking the horse home


Dr. Milton Erickson once told a story about a horse that wandered into his family’s yard when he was a young man. The horse had no identifying marks. Erickson offered to return the horse to its owners.

In order to accomplish this, he simply mounted the horse, led it to the road, and let the horse decide which way it wanted to go. He intervened only when the horse left the road to graze or wander into a field. When the horse finally arrived at the yard of a neighbor several miles down the road, the neighbor asked Erickson, “How did you know that that horse came from here and was our horse?”

Erickson said, “I didn’t knowbut the horse knew. All I did was to keep him on the road.”

The above story is from the book “My voice will go with you. The teaching tales of Dr. Milton H Erickson – Edited by Sydney Rosen.

Learn how to persuade and convince conversationally.


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