Art of Conversation – A master Class


A comprehensive online course for you to learn powerful language patterns and use them to influence, persuade and change beliefs conversationally.

        • Do you sometimes find yourself struggling to get your point across
        • Do you feel frustrated that your views are not being taken seriously?
        • Do you find others who are less capable than you succeed and get more credit just because they can talk better than you?
        • Have you ever wondered how you can gain more confidence and be artful when you speak?
        • Do you want to have better outcomes from your discussions in your personal life?
        • Do you want to improve your ability to convince others?
You have just found the right course for your needs!

We are excited you are ready to take the next steps in your journey to become an expert communicator.

The Art of Conversation – A master class is an incredible course for you to gain insights and learn how to influence, persuade and convince others conversations and become a master communicator.

What you will learn

      • How to quickly Build Rapport
      • How to use the right vocal tone to create the desired effect
      • How to use Pre-Suppositions for friction-less agreement
      • How to message Indirect Suggestions to the Unconscious Mind of the listener.
      • How to use the Neuro-Linguistic Programming Meta Model to engage the listener in deep structure communication
      • How to Change Beliefs using Sleight of Mouth strategies

The language patterns are taught with adequate examples to make it easy for you to remember and use them in real-life conversations.  Use these language patterns to be a master communicator, create more impact and conversationally influence or change other’s opinions, beliefs and even behavior.

How long is the class?

The class is modular and self-paced.

You can either learn all the language patterns together or take your time to learn one strategy, apply and master it before you learn the next one.

How many times can I take the course?

The course material will be available to you permanently. After buying the course, you can go through the course as many times as you want.

What devices can I access the course from?

This online course is delivered in formats optimized for laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. This means you can access and continue benefiting from the course on any device from anywhere and there is no software to install.